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Heavy Fire Afghanistan Highly Compressed PC Game Free Download

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Heavy Fire Afghanistan Highly Compressed PC Game Free Download
Heavy Fire Afghanistan Highly Compressed PC Game Free Download Full Version

About The Game:

Heavy Fire Afghanistan is reenactment and this sort of amusement is generated by Teyon. This film diversion was released upon twenty nine Late, 2011 in US. critical chimney Asian nation amusement is accessible on these sites like Microsoft Windows xp, Windows scene, Home windows 7, Windows 8, Manufacturers 3ds, Playstation some, Xbox 362, Wii and more than enough others. the demonstration of distinguishing the game to show the state of Asian nation inside presently. The designer will include inside amusement that the America might need to finish the compulsion inside world and America support the terrorist territory unit found in Asian nation. its indicated inside diversion that the $64000 capacity of America to sum the pressure. 

The areas which will indicate by engineer inside diversion range framework browsing Asian nation. This diversion is fight between America and in addition the terrorists of the real Asian nation. the upper lands range unit working at the game and additionally the Paxto dialect is composed in it. The wholly 24 missions region unit gave to you inside the activity and every mission will completely not quite the same as one an extra. The way of transportation is in like manner utilized in the game on account of it takes its discrete essentialness inside amusement. The troops which will use inside the activity territory unit the greater part of later and restrictive. The terrorists inside diversion territory unit battling in the tissue with the yankee Army due to they like expiration on their lives. 

Wouldn't it be great if we could start the genuine critical obligation you will pick fitting things at the begin of the action to play. its multi-player diversion and topped off with excursion. the essential obligation is furnished to you that distinguish the terrorist to have the ability to execute them. The terrorist could be remaining on the real tops of lands and homes. The specific terrorist will fundamentally cowl their faces from veils. they're in their simple dress and on the inverse hand the real yankee guard is similarly in their nation's uniform. The weapons you'll use all around the game it also indicating on the pc screen. On the screen the measure of magazines which will utilize and left is similarly appear. The horrendously restricted time territory unit gave to you to close the mission typically the one level. 

The machine might additionally educate you with respect to your scores all around the experience. The thick shafts which will use inside the activity have moreover educated you with respect to the state of magazine all around the experience. At the begin of the game the military of America is moreover inevitable helicopters viewing down. They were contact the easier through the essential ropes. The correspondences is moreover happening between the genuine players in regards to all the sorts of the experience. The condition on the building inside the activity is furthermore horribly perilous and seriously terrible tracks range unit working at the game. the experience is battle upon local settlements and additionally urban areas of Asian nation. its a gigantic office for players inside amusement that they will moreover change the weapons basically. 

The telescope is a developing number of utilized in the experience to look at the real terrorists wherever they'll. the chimney is blazing from the harm vehicles inside diversion. The frightfully expansive holders range framework seizing the tracks on the game. they will make a few obstructions inside diversion. when the member will chimney the shots are likewise launching of framework and parturition down on the base. When you will comprehend with respect to the real states of Asian nation in at this point. you'll play this diversion and give careful consideration to however America can effortlessly close the intimidation inside Asian nation. The engineer indicates inside diversion that America must abstain from squandering the real Afghani country from the compulsion. To play this sort of amusement you'll get numerous data with respect to the genuine war to actuate peace.

File Info:

-Game= Heavy Fire Afghanistan
-Platform= PC
-Size= 437 MB
-Developer= Teyon

Screen Shots:

Heavy Fire Afghanistan Highly Compressed PC Game Free Download

Heavy Fire Afghanistan Highly Compressed PC Game Free Download

Heavy Fire Afghanistan Highly Compressed PC Game Free Download

Heavy Fire Afghanistan Highly Compressed PC Game Free Download


System Requirements:

-System= Pentium D
-Graphics Card= 256 MB
-RAM= 2 GB
-Hard Disk= 7 GB Free
-OS= Windows XP/Vista/7/8


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