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How to Download Flash Videos in Google Chrome

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                                    How to Download Flash Videos in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the best and quickweb browsers.It is used as browser to surf internet.It allows you to surf web pages,downloading audios,videos,uploading files,online games,and everything by this browser.You can easily surf internet just by onle click on relevant link.But if you want to upload or download a file on internet you face a little bit trouble.Downloading process becomes very slow and time consuming which irritates you.Many factors are involved behind the slow performance such as downloading add-ons, various pop ups etc.It becomes very difficult for you to sit in front of system and waiting till downloading completes. In tidy to conquer all these problems, it is suggested to download Flash videos in Google Chrome instead of any other.Some add-ons or extensions are required to download flash videos on other browser.Big advantage of google chrome is that you do not need to install any extension to download flash videos. You have to follow some simple and easy steps which are given below.

Step 1:
The primary step is to Inspect Element. Open the any webpage from which you want to flash video.

Step 2:
Right click the mouse and click on Inspect Element.

Step 3:
Copy Flash video’s URL On opening Inspect Element, you will get an option of swf on its bottom window.

Step 4:
Copy the flash video URLs. If you have choose two or more flash videos on your chosen web page you will get a number of swf URLs.

Step 5:

Now come across at their sizes and names and select the one that you think is suitable as per your requisite.

Step 6:
Open the webpage It is now time to open the flash video URL’s webpage in Google Chrome. Paste the flash video’s URL in Chrome’s address bar and open it.

Step 7:
After opening the Flash video URL, click on the “save page as” tab from the drop down or press Ctrl+S from your keyboard.

Step 8:
Click on the control the current page button to save the video on your PC. The Flash video downloading procedure is complete.Now you can play the video.

Another method of downloading videos:
There is an alternate of downloadind videos which is orbit download accelerator.You van quickly download videos by this accelerator.Simply you have to do is download it and configure it for downloading the shockwave extension. Orbit can be downloaded by logging on to given below link.

Many other accelerator are available on internet which allows you to freely download videos.

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