Friday, 14 March 2014

Crysis 2 PC Game Free Download

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Crysis 2 PC Game Free Download
Crysis 2 PC Game Free Download Full Version - Torrent - Crack- Compressed - ISO

About The Game:

Crysis 2 is that your sequel to 1 of the best PC first-person fps nevertheless created. which includes art movement war, beautiful destruction as well as likelihood to kick alien butt about the grandest stage of most, ny town, Crysis 2 of is destined at least to equal the precursor, if not surpass it. extra options include: difficult AI enemies inside only player strategy, 12-player support on-line, new and much better upgradable Nanosuit a couple of technology and further.

the globe continues to be ravaged by a few climatical disasters as well as society is about the verge of complete breakdown. currently the aliens have delivered, with a full invasion force dead set only the overall destruction of grouping, beginning by trying to tear the guts beyond Earth's most picture town.

In the big apple, terrific alien invaders stalk the streets along with a nightmare plague strikes down the city's assortment inhabitants with raw epidemic speed. This city's systems block measure in turmoil, its streets as well as skyline square evaluate smashed and within flaming ruin. this is New York town like you've gotten ne'er seen the item before. Neither paramilitary law social control or the may with the U. S.military will stand contrary to the invaders, and every one World Health Organization choose to not hightail the item square measure expended men walking. merely to survive during this kind of current of death can need technology about the far side some thing any fashionable soldier has ever noticed. nevertheless one guy can inherit that suggests that to survive. Just one supersoldier, wielding the combat sweetening technology for the future with Nanosuit a couple of, will make the past stand to stay clear of wasting humanity from destruction inside the urban jungle in which is area.

File Info:

-Game= Crysis 2
-Platform= PC
-Size= 7.67 GB

Screen Shots:

Crysis 2 PC Game Screen Shots, Wallpapers

Crysis 2 PC Game Screen Shots, Wallpapers

Crysis 2 PC Game Screen Shots, Wallpapers


System Requirements:

-OS= Windows XP/Vista/7/8
-System= Core 2 Duo
-RAM= 2 GB
-Graphics Card= 512 MB


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